Dental Myths

White fillings

From an aesthetic perspective these are a better option BUT the lack of mercury does not mean there are no chemicals. White fillings still contain a blend of chemicals used in the formula for strength and bonding. White fillings are good restorative materials to use as the cavity preparation can be much more conservative.

Although remember, the best filling is NO filling!

Dental Myths

I can brush my teeth whiter

Oh no, excessive brushing will not make your teeth whiter! In- fact it can cause damage to both the teeth and the gums. The enamel that covers the tooth can be worn down over time by excessive brushing for extended periods. The wearing down of the enamel can lead to sensitivity, yellow discolouration and other complications. Globally dental professionals recommend to brush twice daily (after breakfast & dinner) for two minutes at a time. In the same context most dentists recommend a soft or extra-soft toothbrush as these will greatly reduce damage to the teeth.

Dental Myths

Sweet things cause decay

Many people believe eating sweets will result in tooth decay. However this statement is not completely true. Tooth decay is influenced to a large degree by oral hygiene practices. If you eat sweets with a meal and brush your teeth shortly afterwards, the risk to the teeth is minimal. If you however had the same sweets with a meal and only brush the morning after, the risk to your teeth increases exponentially.

Dental Myths

If my teeth feel ok, than they must be ok...

Sadly this is not so. Early problems often exist in people’s mouths and they are completely unaware of their presence. Early treatments and preventative examinations are always quicker, less stressful and less costly. Like people, mouths are all different and have different risks. At Tassie Smiles Dental we will assess the best interval between consultations for your mouth.

Dental Myths

Pink in the sink

Some people believe this is not really a problem, to see a little blood in the basin after brushing. Lets put this another way. Would it be ok if every time you washed your hands your finger nails bled? No way! Bleeding gums are usually one of the first signs of gum disease and if untreated can result in chronic infection, gum recession and bone loss in the jaw structure.

Bleeding gums is not to be ignored. If you are experiencing this please contact Tassie Smiles Dental for a thorough assessment.