Care Services

Although we almost always use white restoration materials these days, it is important to understand why.

Teeth Whitening:
A non-invasive cosmetic procedure to give you brighter teeth.

Oral Hygiene:
The cornerstone of all prevention and oral maintenance

The first choice in most cases for replacing single or multiple missing teeth. Unfortunately more costly than most other options.

In most cases crowns are used to protect teeth from further breakdown. They can also be used to improve the cosmetics of heavily restored teeth.

Root Canals:
The removal of nerve tissue from a tooth to avoid loss of the tooth.

Cosmetic Treatments:
A buzz word used to encompass numerous treatments designed to enhance the appearance of the teeth.

Preventative Care:
Regular checkups combined with the appropriate use of fluoride treatments and fissure sealants are just some preventative measures that can be used.

Gum Problems:
A lot of people will lose teeth due gum problems and not decay! How are your gums?

Sport Mouthguards:
There’s no better time than now to protect your teeth while you’re playing your favourite sports, especially those that are high contact.

Grinding & Clenching Guards:
This night time habit can result in your teeth becoming disfigured and painful. Don’t avoid protecting your teeth if there are early signs of wear due to grinding.

Emergency Treatment:
We cover our existing patients for emergencies and will see you on the same day if needed.

Cost effective treatment to replace missing teeth.

Privacy Policy:
Our policy describes the way that we collect, use and disclose personal information.